Tuesday - Saturday 11 - 4  and  Sunday & Monday 12 - 3  

No appointment needed. 

How it works:

We carry clothes size 14 and up - contemporary; clean; wrinkle free; in good condition. We would like you to bring clothes on hangers and we will return hangers to you. We only take clothes that we think have a good chance of selling. 

  • Clothes are displayed 8 to 11 weeks depending on time of the month received. Our pricing is based on what we have found to be fair market value. Prices are marked down by 50% if not sold by the beginning of the second month. We reserve the right to mark down clothes earlier if we think it will help them sell.
  • If you want your unsold clothes returned, you indicate so on the top of our form. It is your responsibility to pick up clothes at the end of your consignment period. Any clothes not picked up within 1 week of the end of your consignment period are donated to charity.
  • All reasonable care is given to clothes consigned.
  • We are not responsible for consignment money or credit not picked up within 12 months after the end of the consignment period. Our records are purged after one year.
  • ONE of the following payment methods is available: 

    A gift certificate for 50% of the selling price can be used as soon as an item sells, to buy says who or seams to fit clothes.  

    A check for 40% of the selling price can be issued at the end of the consignment period.


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    “What sizes do you carry?”
    We have a great selection of size XL to 4X. We look at smaller and larger.

    "Do you only take clothes?"
    We have a great mix of clothes, jewelry, handbags, shoes and a price range for everyone.

    “Can I get cash and credit on the same consignment?” 
    Each consignment must be either cash or credit. You can have one consignment for cash and another for credit.

    "Is there anything you take year round?"
    We take leather, bathing suits, ‘items’, linen pieces, and anything that is spectacular!

    “What does ‘item’ mean?”
    Apparel that is current or would be considered artsy, clothing that might have an interesting shape or motif.

    “What happens to my clothes if they don’t sell?” 
    You have the option of picking them up or letting us donate to non-profits serving woman in need from drug rehab to re-entering the work force. We donate to the homeless and senior centers. We are one of the only clothing retailers who donate plus size clothes. 

    “Will you come to my house and help clean my closet?”
    We charge $25 an hour including travel time and will help you answer questions like: Do you have room for it? Is it something you love? Does it have sentimental value? We have a gentle touch and understand being attached and wanting to let go.  

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