Online shopping and stripes...

Posted: Sep 30 2014

Our most current news is that we're excited to have an online shop. We plan to offer special ordering of URU, SALE items, favorites from the says who line such as cotton Kizzy and Jemma pants. We'll also highlight a selection of great consignment pieces in excellent condition from labels you recognize so you will be familiar with the fit. There are no returns on consignment pieces. Other than that we remain TV, BOOK and MOVIE enthusiasts and will continue with recommendations.

If we were to BLOG our first blog would be about stripes. We would say that everyone can wear stripes if they are attracted to them.  Experience tells us that stripes do not make you look bigger. We think this is a misconception and we don't know who started the rumor. The reason they don't make you look wider is because they move and curve with the body and don't appear static. Of course we support you to wear what makes you comfortable and we support you to have an open mind. 


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